Apr 29, 2022


by: Angler Gaming


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Angler Gaming plc – Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements 2021

2021 Annual Report and Sustainability Report

Angler Gaming plc has published its Annual and Sustainability Report 2021 today, 29 April 2022.

Thomas Kalita, CEO, comments:

2021 was overall a challenging year in terms of performance figures. Since H2 2021 I became more and more involved in the operations eventually resulting in me temporary becoming the operational CEO in addition to being the Group CEO. I-gaming operations and turning around companies is nothing new to me and I look forward to continue to work hard together with the Board, our partly new Operational Management Team and all the co-workers to deliver upon our action plan with focus on improve performance overall. Angler Gaming is still a strong company with 2021 being the second best year in the Group’s history. On the basis of result of 2021, the Board of Directors proposes to distribute to shareholders a dividend of €6,373,725.’

The full report can be viewed by clicking the link above

Malta, 29th April 2022