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When considering an investment in Angler Gaming plc you should also be aware of risks that are connected with the industry and the business. Angler Gaming operates in a global market and the online gaming industry is subject to different levels of regulations. The business is also exposed to exchange rate fluctuation, changing consumer behaviour and Angler Gaming’s ability to operated in a highly competitive industry.

It is an exciting and fast growing industry where Angler Gaming work hard to become a bigger player.

Generic industry growth drivers;

  • New Technology and local regulation drives growth.
  • Continued shift from offline to online gaming.
  • The gaming market in Europe is expected to grow.

Angler Gaming’s positioning within the industry:

  • Angler Gaming enters new markets and segments around the World.
  • Angler Gaming is debt free and has a positive cash flow.
  • Angler Gaming has invested in a strong business model:
    • Fully owned and managed Gaming Platform updated with the latest functionality and technology gives low operational cost for both B-to-C and B-to-B. Enables multi-brand strategy, data driven marketing and CRM. Scalable to lower incremental cost.
    • Monitoring and actioning, on a daily basis, multiple Key Performance Indicators, such as Number of New Depositing Customers, Cost per New Depositing Customer and Customer Life Time Value per market, channel and product .
    • Easy, fast and cost efficient to launch of White Label Solutions (B2B) and inhouse brands (B2C).
    • Small and efficient organisation (EBIT per employee 2019: approximately €240,000 Euro). An international Group with highly qualified employees from more than 10 Countries .
    • Proven model for buying and integrating customer databases and brand assets:
      • No need to take over staff
      • No need to increase staff
      • Time to market approximately 1 month after signed agreement.
    • Using affiliates as a marketing channel give low risk in acquisition of new customers.
    • Evaluating number of new customers and ARPU on a daily basis when using traditional marketing (TV-commercials, online banners, Google Adds etc) to acquire customers to minimize investment risk and boost growth
    • Focusing on both B2C and B2B give us better understanding for customers and changes in customer behaviour
    • Strong Casino Product both in Mobile and Desktop. SportsBook and Bingo also form part of the offer when applicable.
    • Active in 23 markets. Constantly evaluates new products, markets and acquisitions.
    • Strong track record:
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