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Shareholders exercise their influence in the Company at the general meetings, where the shareholders decide on matters which fall within their competence. The general meetings may be of two kinds: annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings. Angler Gaming must hold an annual general meeting once every year. At annual general meetings shareholders of the Company, in practice and among other matters, approve the annual report and financial statements of the Company, resolve on the distribution of dividends and elect members of the board and appoint the auditor. All other general meetings are extraordinary general meetings.

Each shareholder enjoys number of rights in connection with general meetings, including the right to participate and vote, the right to receive a notice of a general meeting, and the right to demand a poll at the meeting. Some of the most significant powers reserved to the general meeting of shareholders are the power to appoint and remove board members, to alter the memorandum and articles of association, to increase share capital, to approve annual financial statements, to declare dividends (not exceeding the amount recommended by the Board), and the power to appoint and remove auditors.

Decisions at the general meetings of the company are normally taken by the shareholders by a simple majority of votes, with each share giving a shareholder the right to one vote at any general meeting. However, certain decisions prescribed under the Companies Act and the memorandum and articles of association of the Company must to be approved by an extraordinary resolution which requires higher voting thresholds: (a) not less than seventy-five percent in nominal value of the shares represented and entitled to vote at the general meeting; and (b) at least fifty-one percent in nominal value of all the shares entitled to vote at the general meeting.

The annual general meeting 2020 to be held on 11 June 2020.

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