Nov 07, 2017


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Interim report for 3rd quarter 2017

Financial report for the period ended 30th September 2017

Key Facts for Quarter 3 2017 (1st July 2017 – 30th September 2017)

Q3 2017 all-time high in revenues and net profit

All figures are compared to the same quarter last year if not explicitly stated otherwise

  • Revenues increased by 104.3% to €3,333,875 (€1,631,786).
  • EBIT increased by 5477% to €1,289,010 (€23,113).
  • Compared to Q2 2017 EBIT increased by 50.1%.
  • EBIT margin of 38.66%.
  • Net profit increased by 8360% to €1,252,548 (€14,804)
  • Net profit margin of 37.6%
  • All-time high in customer deposits with an increase of 66% to €5,645,473 (€3,398,923). 
  • 24,251 new registered customers, increase of 27% (19,025)
  • Earnings per share of €0.0168 (€0.0002)
  • All time high in daily average in October compared to Q3 2017 as regards net gaming revenue, new depositing customers and deposits. Key Facts for 2017 (1st January 2017 – 30th September 2017) All-time high in revenues and net profit All figures are compared to 1st January to 30th September 2016 if not explicitly stated otherwise
  • Revenue increased by 80% to €8,771,817 (€4,873,184) · EBIT increased by 269.7% to €2,981,143 (€806,284)
  • EBIT margin of 33.9%
  • Net profit increased by 262.1% to €2,870,547 (€792,653)
  • Net Profit Margin of 32.7%
  • Customer deposits increased by 68.4% to €14,845,229 (€8,815,158)
  • 31.7% increase in newly registered customers 68,741 (52,182)
  • Earnings per share of €0.0385 (€0.0109)

Events in Q3 2017      

· Integration with supplier NoLimit City finished and launched during Q3.
· Integration with supplier Playson finished during Q3. Games will be launched and promoted in Q4.
· Integration with live games supplier Authentic Gaming was finished and launched during Q3.

(See chart for Revenues, Profit/loss and Deposits in enclosed pdf)

Key Performance Indicators (EUR)

Customer Deposits€5,645,473€3,398,923€14,845,229€8,815,158
Active Customers 13,497
New Registered Customers24,25119,02568,74152,182
Gross Game Win€3,776,424€2,447,585€9,955,664€6,552,238
Net Game win€3,649,571€2,160,616€9,626,276€5,914,832

* Definition Net Profit Margin = Net Profit / Revenue
** Definition Active Customers: Customer that wagered at least one bet in the indicated period
*** Definition New Registered Customer: A new customer registered in the indicated period
**** Definition Net Game Win: Real money bets minus real money wins
***** Definition Hold: Customer Withdrawals / Customer Deposits


This report has not been reviewed by the Company’s Auditor – the Audited Financial Statements for financial year ending 31stDecember 2016 were published on the 28thApril 2017.

Q4 and full year 2017 report will be published on 15thFebruary 2018

Comments from David Gray, CEO of Angler Gaming

Q3 continued on the growth shown so far in 2017 with an all-time high in revenues and net profits. The first nine months of 2017 resulted in a net profit of €2,870,547 compared to the €1,138,464 made during the full year of 2016. New products were integrated and added during Q3 which probably will impact positively the revenues going forward. Angler Gaming is always on the lookout for possible attractive acquisitions.

Malta, 7th of November 2017

Board of Directors of Angler Gaming PLC

Enquiries: David Gray, CEO

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