Apr 25, 2017


by: Angler Gaming


Categories: Insider Transactions

Exercise of share options

The Board has approved, after receiving valid option exercise notices, the allotment of 245,000 ordinary shares in the company, being the second tranche of previously granted options, as follows: 30,000 shares to Ralf Feldt, a director and head of marketing of the company; 100,000 to the head of operations; 100,000 to the legal counsel and 15,000 shares to the head of technology. The strike price for each exercised option is SEK 1.59.

The above allotment brings the number of issued ordinary shares in the Company from 74,219,995 to 74,464,995.

Overall, out of the total of 1,485,000 granted share options: 50,000 options lapsed and 495,000 still remain to be exercised.

The Board of Directors,