Mar 31, 2016


by: Angler Gaming


Categories: Insider Transactions

Further allotment of shares due to exercise of share options

In line with previously announced share option scheme and upon receipt within the option exercise period (which runs from 1 January 2016 to 31 March 2016) of the valid option exercise notices from option holders, the Board has today approved the allotment of 45,000 shares in the company as follows: 30,000 shares to the head of marketing; 15,000 shares to the head of technology. The above shares formed the first tranche of share options granted to the holders. The strike price for this first tranche was SEK1.31 per share. The above option holders have the right to exercise the second tranche of options between January and March 2017 (at the strike price of SEK1.59 per share) and the third tranche between January and March 2018 (at the strike price of SEK1.84).

Out of 1,410,000 granted share options, 940,000 still remain to be exercised.

The allotment of 45,000 shares brings the total number of issued shares in the Company from 72,949,995 to 72,994,995.

The Board of Directors,

Angler Gaming PLC