Oct 22, 2014


by: Angler Gaming


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Trading in Angler Gaming’s Warrants to Commence

Trading in warrants received in Angler Gaming PLC (“Angler Gaming” or the “Company”) in connection with the rights issue in the Spring 2014 (the “Warrants”) will commence on Friday, 24 October 2014.

Last day of trading is on 21 January 2015.

Angler Gaming carried out a rights issue, with preferential rights for existing shareholders, during the period between 17 April and 19 May 2014 (the “Rights Issue”). Two (2) allotted, subscribed and paid shares in the Rights Issue entitle to one (1) Warrant free of charge. 7,035,826 Warrants have been issued and will be allotted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Rights Issue. Through the subscription of the Warrants the Company’s share capital will increase by a maximum of EUR 70,358.26 through the issue of 7,035,826 new shares. One (1) Warrant gives the holder the right to subscribe for one (1) new share in the Company to a subscription price of SEK 1.00 (however, such price may not amount to less than the quota value of the Company’s shares being EUR 0.01). Subscription may only be made in respect to a whole share during the period from and including 12 January 2015 up to and including 23 January 2015 in Sweden and up to and including 30 January 2015 on Malta.

For more information see Terms and Conditions for Warrants 2014/2015 in the Information Memorandum published in connection to the Rights Issue. Trading in the Warrants (Angler Gaming TO, Short name: ANGL TO, ISIN: MT5000000141) will commence on AktieTorget on 24 October 2014. Last day of trading is 21 January 2015. Financial and legal advisors Mangold Fondkommission AB is acting as financial advisor and WH Partners is acting as legal advisor to the Company in the Rights Issue. Gernandt & Danielsson Advokatbyrå KB is acting as legal advisor on aspects of the Rights Issue related to Swedish law.

For further information please contact:
Michael Bennett CEO – Angler Gaming PLC [email protected]
Mangold Fondkommission AB Tel. +46 (0)8 5030 1550 [email protected] 

Angler Gaming plc is a Maltese holding company listed on AktieTorget that invests in companies which provide gaming services over the Internet. The main focus of the operation is to own and administer internet gambling companies.