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Olga Finkel

Chairman of the Board

Olga Finkel is widely regarded and respected for her knowledge of gambling and technology law. She founded WH Law in 2006 which has progressed to become WH Partners.

Olga holds a Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Malta as well as a Master of Science degree in IT and Economics from the Academy of Economics, Kharkov, Ukraine.  She was admitted to the Bar in Malta in 2001 and is a member of the Malta Chamber of Advocates.  She is also a member of Society for Computers and Law (UK), of the International Technology Law Association (based in the US), as well as a member of the law council of advisers of the Gerson Lehrman Group, of the International Masters of Gaming Law and of the International Association of Gaming Attorneys.

Ralf Feldt


As an iGaming Consultant Ralf Feldt started in the iGaming industry based in Costa Rica in 1999. Since then he has  worked for several American and European iGaming companies, including BetCris, NetEnt, Cherry and Betsson. As a Consultant Ralf is helping start-up companies, affiliates and operators within the iGaming industry. Ralf owns 90,000 shares in Angler Gaming Plc.

Thomas Kalita

Director and CEO

Thomas Kalita is a Director and CEO for AnglerGaming. For more information please go to the CEO page –

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2022 Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements will be published on the 28th April 2023