Jun 21, 2022


by: Angler Gaming


Categories: General Meetings, Press Releases

Angler Gaming plc takes a short-term unsecured loan of €1M to ease a short-term cashflow pressure

Due to a lower than initially projected financial results of Angler Gaming plc Group in Q1 2022 and the resulting lower reserves of the Company, Angler Gaming plc has decided to take a short-term loan facility of €1,000,000 in order to ease a cashflow pressure in the next few months.

The loan, which is unsecured and repayable by the end of 2022, is being provided to the Company on very
competitive terms by the Angler Gaming’s shareholder controlled by Thomas Kalita, Company CEO and a
member of the Board.

Thomas Kalita did not participate in the Company’s board decision on the approval of the loan due to conflict of interest.

For further information please contact Angler Gaming’s CEO Thomas Kalita at [email protected] or via mobile: +356 9966 2000.

This information is information that Angler Gaming plc is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). The information was submitted for publication by the contact person above on 20 June 2022.