Aug 12, 2020


by: Angler Gaming


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Angler Gaming plc – Interim Report for 2nd Quarter 2020

Key Facts for the 2nd Quarter 2020

Q2 2020: Another Quarter with All-Time-High Revenues and Profits

  • Revenues increased by 73.04% to €11,595,390 (€6,701,149).
  • EBIT increased by 180.71% to €3,771,134 (€1,343,413).
  • EBIT margin of 32.52% (20.05%).
  • Customer deposits increased by 37.72% to €23,808,512 (€17,287,168).
  • 68,523 new registered customers (45,647), increase of 50.12%.
  • 29,443 new depositing customers (16,353), increase of 80.05%.
  • Earnings per share of €0.0449 (€0.0154), increase of 191.56%.
  • Premiergaming Ltd, the Group’s subsidiary focusing on Northern Europe, represented 18% of the Group’s revenues in Q2 2020. Premiergaming Ltd’s revenues increased by 13% in Q2 2020 compared to Premiergaming Ltd’s revenues in Q1 2020. The Group’s total revenues increased 19% in Q2 2020 compared to Q1 2020.
  • As approved by the AGM, dividend of €0.07 per share, corresponding to €5,248,950, was paid to shareholders in June.
  • July is historically a weaker month for the Group due to seasonal effects and the product mix. The average daily Net Gaming Revenue for July 2020 was 5% lower compared to the average daily Net Gaming Revenue in Q2 2020. The Net Gaming Revenue for July 2020 was 90% higher compared to the Net Gaming Revenue for July 2019.

Key Facts for first half-year 2020 (1st January 2020 – 30th June 2020)

All-time high in Revenues and Profits

All figures are compared to the same half-year last year if not explicitly stated otherwise

  • Revenues increased by 64.16% to €21,348,440 (€13,004,482).
  • EBIT increased by 159.28% to €6,636,387 (€2,559,540).
  • EBIT margin of 31.09% (19.68%).
  • Customer deposits increased by 38.84% to €46,666,806 (€33,611,881).
  • 51.33% (26.51%) increase in newly registered customers 123,749 (81,775).
  • 59,733 new depositing customers (31,348), increase of 90.55%.
  • Earnings per share of €0.0774 (€0.0300), increase of 158.00%.

Comments from Thomas Kalita, CEO, Angler Gaming plc:

We are delighted by the result in Q2 with All-Time High in both Revenue and Net Profit. Our excellent operations and investments in various fields continued to pay off in Q2. We have continued to add new suppliers to our gaming platform and in addition we have increased our work to find new B-to-B partnerships, i.e. White Labels partnerships where we provide the platform and the White Label provide new customers. We continue to grow in most of our markets and we have also evaluated a few potential sportsbooks to add to our offer. The decision on which sportsbook to select has not yet been made.

In summary it is very encouraging how 2020 has started with excellent momentum as regards to both growth and profit. Our constant work to focus on revenues and profits continues to pay off. Our strong growth over the last couple of years have been 100% organic but we have intensified our search for acquisitions that match both in price and structure going forward.

Malta, 12th August 2020

Board of Directors of Angler Gaming plc